GTC Research Club

GTC Research Club

“Learn, Discover, and Change”

Govt Titumir College Research Club (GTCRC) is the first student-based research organization at the college level in Bangladesh, whose main goal is to motivate and encourage students for research work as well as to develop an undergraduate research community among university students.

GTCRC officially started its journey on March 16, 2022. The founder of GTCRC is Ali Ahmad, (a student of the Department of Economics, 2018-19 session), And the 34 founding members from different departments including Economics, Chemistry, Botany, English, etc.

The moderator of GTCRC is Md. Galib Hossain, Assistant Professor of Statistics Department. And the chief Advisor is Dr. Maleka Bilkis, Professor of the Political Science Department. Also on the advisory board of GTCRC is Dr. Nelufar Yasmin, Assistant Professor of the Botany Department, along with teachers from different departments.

▶ The Motto of GTCRC is “Learn, Discover, and Change”

▶ The Goals of GTCRC:
Motivate and encourage undergraduate students
Develop a student research community
Expand network and facilities
Help build a research career

▶ The Mission of GTCRC:
The journey of the Govt. Titumir College Research Club (GTCRC) is to create a platform that will encourage students, particularly undergraduates, to promote the spirit of research with the motto of “Learn, Discover, and Change”. GTCRC is trying to encourage and guide future promising researchers to pursue scholarships and fellowships and prepare them to meet the challenges of the 21st century by contributing to research.

▶ The Vision of GTCRC:
GTCRC will continuously stimulate research inspiration and ideas for future researchers, particularly among university students. GTCRC together dream of a more engaged research community through producing quality research and academic publications which will ultimately contribute to knowledge enrichment and intellectual development of Bangladesh. GTCRC believes in positive change through innovation and research.

▶ The Activities of GTCRC:
GTCRC organizes workshops, seminars, training and relevant activities facilitated by experienced researchers from various countries, including USA, the UK, and Canada, to make the students interested in research and impart knowledge related to research. In addition, The activities of GTCRC are conducted by renowned researchers from Titumir College and various universities in Bangladesh, providing students with career guidelines in research and regulated directions related to higher education abroad.

Being able to conduct research requires possessing several soft and hard skills, including the ability to conduct investigations, make observations, draw inferences, perform analysis, and extract solutions to a particular issue. By providing a platform through which individuals can refine their skills, GTCRC allows for individual development.

▶ The Achievements of GTCRC:
In the last 1 year, GTCRC has participated in various national and international conferences, including the recent IGC Conference Bangladesh directed by Oxford University and the London School of Economics, which fostered a research culture among young students in economics, public policy, development studies, and other related fields in Bangladesh. GTCRC also organized “Intra-College Research Fest-2023” where there was a series of events including a Research Proposal Contest.

GTCRC is currently playing a significant role in spreading student research concepts across the entire country by communicating and coordinating with the Dhaka University Research Society (DURS) and almost all university research Society in Bangladesh.

▶ The Contact info of GTCRC:
Phone: 01762146473
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