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Govt. Titumir College is the biggest Govt. College in Bangladesh in terms of students’ number. More than 50,000 students study in this college. Students willing to get admission in to this college can apply at four entry levels which are as follows:

Honours: Students seeking Hons Degree can get themselves admitted in Hons 1st Year during January / February or as and when National University advertises it. Now, the entire admission process is accomplished on line by National University with the help of the approved colleges. Students can choose from any of the 19 departments for their admission in to Honours. The total number of seats in Honours level is 5424.

Degree: Students seeking admission into Degree level can apply in 4 (four) disciplines i.e. BA, BBS, BSc., and BSS as and when National University publishes the admission circular.

Master’s Preliminary: Having completed degree or Hons (pass) courses, students can apply for admission in to preliminary degree as per National University circular. There is preliminary admission opportunity in only five departments and they are English, Political Science, Mathematics, Botany and Zoology.

Master’s Final: Students having Hons Degree from this college is given priority during Master’s admission. Students from other colleges can also apply for admission but they are often admitted on the basis of their previous results.